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ALPDREAMS rejuvanating water 125 ml
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ALPDREAMS rejuvanating water 125 ml

ALPDREAMS rejuvanating water 125 ml




Alpdreams 100% natural and employed a large number of situations.

eau de soin Alpdreams 100% naturelle disponible en 60, 125, 200 et 500 ml

World renowned company that has preserved over time the original recipe of Water Arquebusade produces a water body care, good for the skin.

This product is based on a mixture of herbs from the Alps of high quality. All herbs used are beneficial and beneficial and are preserved by a particularly gentle treatment (soaking and distillation) to retain their purity and effectiveness.

Alpdreams factory in Gruyere Water Arquebusade according to the secret recipe for the old order of the Antonines, which was founded in 1095 by Gaston, who was lord of Dauphiné mission is to prevent and cure the "sickness Ardent" otherwise called the fire St. Antoine.


Water use .. care Alpdreams

Face as the body, the water Arquebusade original plants of the Swiss Alps is a marvel. No preservatives, colors, flavors or synthetic fragrances, the original formula of this water, that is to say all the ingredients and their exact dosing was observed in every detail.

Care increases the virtues and a feeling of immediate well-being. It stimulates skin regeneration and improves the natural defenses to help fight against wrinkles, relieves tired legs and feet.

Spray or apply to the skin 3-6 times a day, pure or diluted.

Beware of counterfeit brand always require Alpdreams.

Precautions for use
External use. Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.

A 100% natural product used in many situations

The product is based on a mixture of herbs from the Alps and high quality is obtained using a dipping process and distillation. All herbs used are beneficial and beneficial for humans that are preserved by a particularly mild treatment to maintain their purity and effectiveness.

Alpdreams contains among other grasses and herbs: fennel, hyssop, mint, sage, plantain ...

  • On the face: generates a feeling of well-being, relaxes and maintains healthy skin, makes the skin supple and smooth, fights the appearance of wrinkles, stimulates and tones the skin look younger, cleaner antibacterial and antimicrobial, deep cleans acne parts (fat) the skin of the face.
  • On the body relaxes stressed skin, calms and soothes skin irritations, invigorating sensation, revitalizing, soothing and healing effect, slows the aging of the skin, kills odor-causing bacteria, fresher, lighter massage increases well-being, stimulates and invigorates tired skin and mature.
  • On the legs and feet prevents blisters, soothes and helps recovery in case of fatigue, relaxes tired feet and heavy legs, refreshes and invigorates feet.

After exposure to sun care Alpdreams water relieves, soothes and refreshes the skin, so it is an ally for your holidays whether in the mountains or in hot countries.

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